Manual Installation

Object Cache Pro is best installed using Composer, if its avalible to you follow this guide.


Before getting started, make sure you remove any kind of existing object cache from your setup, by deleting the /wp-content/object-cache.php and uninstalling the associated plugin, such as Redis Object Cache or WP Redis.

Once you remove the dropin, it's strongly recommended to flush your Redis database to avoid stale data causing issues.


First, you’ll need upload the Object Cache Pro plugin. You can do that by navigating to Plugins > Add New and then clicking the Upload Plugin button at the top of the screen.

If that doesn't work, consult the WordPress docs on plugin installation.


Now you’ll need to set up your configuration, for more details see the configuration guide.

Be sure to add your organization's license token to your config file to receive future updates:

define('WP_REDIS_CONFIG', [
'token' => '<YOUR-TOKEN>',
// ...


Finally, let’s activate the plugin, enable the object cache dropin and flush the cache to avoid stale data.

Flush your Redis database before activating the object cache dropin. If Redis contains stale data, your site might break.

First, if you haven’t already, activate Redis Cache Pro under Plugins.

After activating the plugin, you’ll see the Object Cache Pro widget on your Dashboard. Click on "Enable Object Cache" to enable the dropin.

You can do this by hand as well, just copy the redis-cache-pro/stubs/object-cache.php file into your wp-content/ directory.

You'll now see "Status: Connected" in the widget on your Dashboard. If not, head to Tools > Site Health for more information.


To deploy the dropin on properly, see the deployment guide.